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Schedule Your Pickup

Thank you for choosing Colorado Pad LLC for your mattress or carpet recycling needs. Experience utmost reliability and hassle-free services to meet your recycling needs.

A friendly reminder, to schedule a pickup for your old mattress or carpet, please follow these simple steps:

  • Contact us: Reach us at [Phone Number] or [Email Address] to schedule a pickup for your old mattress or carpet. We will be happy to resolve any queries about the process.

  • Provide the details: During the initial conversation, we will gather the necessary information, such as the type and quantity of the items you want to recycle and the date and time most convenient for pickup.

  • Confirm the appointment: Once we have all the details, we will confirm the appointment with you via email or phone. We will also provide you with a quote for the service based on the quantity of materials picked up.

  • Leave the items outside: On the day of the pickup, please ensure that the things are outside your home or apartment complex at the agreed-upon time. In case of any special instructions, please let us know beforehand so we can plan accordingly.

  • Payment and collection: Our team will arrive at the designated time to collect the materials and take them to our recycling facility. We will collect payment at the time of pickup, and we offer multiple payment options, including cash, check, and credit card.

Thanks for submitting!

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